Thursday, September 5

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Today's Goals

  • Warm Up

  • Reading Response-Quick Discussion

  • Portfolio Practice #1

  • Homework

Today's Goals

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the ways in which they have become a more reflective (mindful, self-aware, thoughtful) writer.

  • Demonstrate their ability to analyze different rhetorical situations (in academic, workplace, or civic contexts),

Habits of Mind

  • ​Curiosity is fostered when writers are encouraged to conduct research using methods for investigating questions appropriate to the discipline

  • Engagement is fostered when writers are encouraged to find meanings new to them or build on existing meanings as a result of new connections

Key Terms:

  • Composing Processes: planning, researching, drafting, sharing and responding, revising, editing, publishing, reflecting

  • Rhetorical Situation: audience, purpose, context, exigency

Warm Up

Reading Response-Quick Discussion

  • How can we make the Reading Response description clearer? 

    • What can we do to make the page easier to understand the goal of Reading Responses?

      • What is the goal of Reading Responses?

Portfolio Practice #1

  • Let's work on your first Portfolio Practice. 

    • How does this affect the Midterm Reflective Overview?

    • Why the heck should we be doing this now? 

    • Do we want to see some previous class examples?

  • ​Head over to the Assignments &Due Dates tab>Portfolios button and find the Process steps at the very bottom of the page. The Process steps is what will constitute your an entry for the Portfolio Practice. ​

  • Submit the link to Blackboard Discussion forum: Portfolio Practices. 


a) Read (by 9.10)

  1. "Naming What We Know" Threshold Concept 2.0​

  2. Genre in the Wild 

  • This can be found in Blackboard>Readings & Templates>Readings>Genre​ in the Wild

  • We are going to be reading a certain section based on reading groups

    • What is a Genre​

      • "The term genre..." to "Individual writers in institutional settings usually have somewhat limited choices when it comes to genre.

        • Group _A__​

      • "Still, writers who are really at home in a particular setting..." to "But even in your writing course, you should start to become more aware of the genres..."

        •  Group _B__

    • The genre does not stand alone: genre sets and systems

      • Group __C_

    • How do people learn about the genres in a particular setting?

      • Group _D__​

    • So am I just a robot?

      • Group _E__​

b) Looking Ahead ​​​​

  • Reading Response #2  (due 9.8 by midnight)

  • ​Discovery Log #1 (due 9.8 by midnight)​

  • Portfolio Practice #1 (due 9.8 by midnight)

  • Read for next Tuesday (see point A)

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